Myrtle Beach Mobile Upgrades Phone App

Myrtle Beach Mobile Upgrades Phone App

Myrtle Beach Mobile has launched a major update to its iPhone and Android app, featuring a newly designed interface that places priority on the app’s most popular features and includes images for every business listing.


Jackie Miller, developer and founder of Myrtle Beach Mobile App, says that the update was needed from a technical perspective and to offer users a more inviting design with the most popular features being more prominently and visually displayed on the home screen.


“After going through three updates from 2010 to 2013, it was becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming to keep up with the all the operating system updates, not to mention that iPhone was releasing a new size device almost every year. In the app development world, those updates mean money. However, I think we reached a point where those changes are not as dramatic nor as expensive to address,” says Miller.


Miller says that the past six years has also provided statistical analysis of what features and information are truly the most popular with tourists and locals. “We know by looking at our analytics that we needed to do away with many of the business categories that we included previously and for those categories that were the most visited, we prominently displayed them on the home screen.”


Beyond the system upgrade and reprioritizing the interface, Myrtle Beach Mobile App has a completely new look. Not only has the logo and home screen received a new design, each business has a detail page, complete with a header image, phone links and web links. Businesses can upgrade their listings by adding features such as a savings offer, quick links, and a description.


“I recently read that 89% of mobile use is spent on apps, while 11% is used browsing the web. Mind you most of those apps are things like Facebook and news apps, but when I started introducing Myrtle Beach Mobile in 2010, it was hard to convince people that smartphones even had a future in marketing. It’s funny now when I think back to how many people held fast to their Blackberries and flip phones. ”


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Myrtle Beach Mobile is a product of Mobile Marketing Media LLC  (sister company of Miller Direct Media, Inc.)


Contact: Jackie Miller l  l 843-655-4331

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