“Google Just Rocked Your World”

“Google Just Rocked Your World”

On May 24, 2016, Google announced the most significant changes to AdWords since, well, the invention of AdWords. It’s the second momentous change Google has made this year, after phasing out of the right-rail ads that started testing at the end of 2015 and became official this February. Now we’re looking at a substantial redesign.


It begs the question “Why do these changes matter?” There are an incredible nine billion text ads on Google. These ads are a lifeline for innumerable businesses, and any change to them means these advertisers -- mom-and-pop shops, mid-market businesses and and billion-dollar global brand giants -- will have to react quickly, and probably spend more marketing dollars, to adjust and profit.


Most of what you’ve read so far about why Google decided to do this is accurate. User behavior has changed due to the searcher’s move to mobile, which has outpaced desktop searches. Right rail -- or sidebar -- ads don’t render properly on a mobile device. These ads aren’t maximizing clicks or transactions -- which doesn’t bode well for Google or advertisers. Ads on the top of the search results page make everyone happy: consumers click and transact, while Google and advertisers profit.


But with this change come challenges and opportunities.  (Read entire article written by Tim Krozek,  published by SearchMarketingDaily)

June 07, 2016 in Digital Media

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