For Advertisers Facebook Is “Virtually” All Mobile

For Advertisers Facebook Is “Virtually” All Mobile

By Jackie Miller


Last week Facebook reported that their second quarter profit nearly tripled to $2.06 billion and they credit mobile ads as the reason.  As an agency that manages several Facebook pages,  it is evident that mobile is the difference maker - not only in Facebook's profits but in the increase in response and reach for our clients.


In a recent campaign, 97% of post engagement came from mobile users.  So virtually everyone accessing Facebook is using a mobile device.  With that in mind, it is imperative that your message AND your images reflect mobile viewing.  Two months ago, Facebook changed how their mobile pages render so that the title and badge did not take away from cover photos.  This additional image area now allows for companies and brands to deliver a more impactful image via their cover photo header.


Here are some tips in thinking mobile for Facebook:


Change out your header image frequently to reflect promotions or seasonal messages.


Use the image area to include headlines/texts that are relative and timely.


If using a text or logo in your cover image, think "center" for maximum mobile impact.  While you still need to upload a 851 x 315 image, mobile rendering trims from the left and right sides.


According to my 16 year old son, Facebook is the "old people" social media.  To a certain extent he is correct.  However, the last time I checked, he was the one asking me for money.  So the power of the purse is still very dominant with Facebook users like myself - female and over 40.


July 29, 2016 in Digital Media, Mobile Marketing

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